Over 101 Easter Egg Filler Ideas, that are not Candy!

Easter is coming up quickly and that means Easter Egg Hunts! If you’re like me and dislike the idea of another candy-filled holiday event, because let’s be real, Halloween was less than five months ago ;). You’ll be scouring Pinterest for ideas to fill the easter eggs with, that does not include candy!  Below I have created a master list of Easter Egg Fillers for all ages of boys and girls! Prefer to shop on Amazon? Click any of the items listed below in BLUE (or click the pictures) to see it on Amazon! (Not a prime member? Click here, to try Amazon Prime with a 30-Day Free Trial)! If I forgot anything, feel free to comment below and I’ll add it to the list 🙂


» Tickets for Fun Outings- Examples: Trip to the Movie Theater, Ice Cream Parlor, Hikes, Shopping, Fun centers, Date nights, anything, you name it! You can use ones like these or create homemade ones.
» Dollar Bills- One year I filled a few eggs with $1 bills and a special hidden egg contained a $5 bill.
» Coins
» Temporary Tattoos
» Silly Putty

» Bubbles
» Poppers
 » Chucky Cheese Tokens
 » Grow Capsules» Bandaids- With their favorite characters
» Puzzle Pieces- You can turn this into a fun family game, where everyone pools together their pieces to create one puzzle. OR in order to find their Easter Basket, they have to piece together a puzzle to reveal the location of their basket. Tip: More than one kid? Color code the eggs, so they only pick up their puzzle pieces.
» Magnetic Letters and Numbers» Finger Puppets» Bouncy Balls
» Marbles

» Mini Yo Yo’s
» Whistle
» Mini Slinky
» Fortunes or Jokes
» Pip-squeaks Markers
» Pictures- Example: A bigger surprise, pictured where it is hidden. For an added element of surprise and fun, use these to keep the Easter Egg hunt theme going.
» Balloons- Have an older kid? They’ll love these Emjoi balloons
» Rocks- For kids who have rock collections. I know we have one in our house 😉
» Spinning Tops» Socks
» Ear Buds
» Farm Animal Figures
» Mini Bath Bombs
» Water Color Changing Tablets
» Stress/Squeeze Balls- Want to make them homemade? Fills balloons with sand, sugar or dough etc.
» Gift Certificate
» Punch Balloons» Little PeopleYou might need a big larger Easter Eggs, like these.
» Egg Shaped Shakers– 
Like handleless Maracas – Perfect for Babie and Toddlers.


» Grapes
» Raspberries
» Goldfish – Cheddar Bunnies (Organic Version of Goldfish)» Blueberries
» Yogurt Melts»  Pretzels
»  Strawberries
»  Teddy Grahams
»  Cereal
»  Nilla Wafers
»  Baby Puffs
»  Healthy Cookies
»  Raisins


»  Stick on Earings
»  Earings
»  Stickers»  Necklaces
»  Huge Faux Rings
»  Mini Nail Polishes

»  Slap Bracelets

»  Hair Clips and Accessories

» Makeup or Pretend Makeup
»  Hair Ties

»  Light-up Rings»  Mini Lipglosses / Lip Balm

» Pencil End Stampers- Frozen – Cupcakes – Smilie Faces – Mickey Mouse & Friends» Nail Embellishments» Hair Bows

» Barbie Accessories» Shopkins» Stretchy Headbands
» Princess Finger Puppets» Character Bracelets
» Mystery Moana Character» Hair Chalk– I know a tiny Mermaid in my house, who would love these!» Hair Stamps» Lipgloss Keychains
» Jamberry Nail Wraps– Faith and I LOVE these for at home mani/pedis! Easy, fast and soo cute!

» Cute Erasers» Pretend Hair Extensions
» Friendship Bracelets» My Little Pony Figures» Flower Seeds to Plant» BFF (Best Friends Forever) Necklaces» Body Jewels» Temporary Tattoos- Glitter – Metallic – Princesses


» Small Ninja Action Figures» Mini Toys- Animals – Dinosaurs

» Paratroopers or Bunnytroopers» Pull Back Racing Cars» Plastic Bugs» Balloon Racers» Stampers- Mickey Mouse & FriendsSmilie FacesPassport Stamps» Army Men» Pirate Eye Patch» Legos or Lego Men» Sticky/Stretchy Toys

» Frog Poppers» Sports Balls Key Chains» Growing Dinosaurs or Insects

» Mini Foam Sports Balls» Temporary Tattoos- Dinosaurs  Superheros – Bugs & Insects
» Mini NFL Football Helmets» NFL Dog Tags» Paw Patrol Bracelets» Cowboy & Indian Toy Figures» Stickers- SuperherosBugs Vehicles

» Dinosaur Finger Puppets

» Nerf Bullets– Perhaps to go with the corresponding toy in their hidden Easter basket.


Phew, that was a lot! Just make sure the egg pickers are getting age appropriate Easter Egg Fillers. You don’t want to worry about little ones choking because they put something in their mouths they shouldn’t have. A good rule of thumb: If it can fit inside the tube of a toilet paper roll then it’s too small for tiny humans. If you still need Easter eggs or have some fillers that are just a tiny bit too big for the typical  Easter eggs, try this multi-sized egg pack! Last minute shopper? Try these prefilled eggsHappy Easter!

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