Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close – A Dropper Stopper Review!

Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!

Mama’s… we’ve all been there. You hand your little one a bottle, snack cup, toy etc, turn around and suddenly hear it… yep, they threw it on the foor… again. When they reach the age of a young toddler, it suddenly becomes a fun game! And while at first it may be cute, because they think it’s funny. And come on, who can resist baby giggles?! After awhile, it can get old. Especially if you’re like me and hate the thought of all the germs that will instantly cover your babies item and go in their bodies. So you wash the dropped item every. single. time. it drops. No more Mama’s! A solution is here!

I am soo excited to share with you this awesome baby and kid product that my husband and I swear by! We have used a strap like this since Faith (now 4) was a baby. This is the third bottle/toy “leash” on the market that we have tried. And it is by far our favorite! Our kids are 2 and 4 and we still use these at home and while traveling. So it definitely is a must have baby/kid product!

Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!
One month abroad, no lost bottles, cups or toys score! Thanks to The Dropper Stoppers!


“With its patented design, the Dropper Stopper prevents dropped baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor! Made of flexible material, one end wraps around strollers, highchairs and baby carriers while the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys and more! Dropper Stopper is a must have for moms on the go! The special grip material provides a nice snug hold and with a variety of snaps, the length can be easily modified. Made with designer fabric, this accessory is vibrant and holds up great in the wash. Winner of the Moms Best Award, parents love that you can simply wrap it, snap it and say goodbye to the pickup game!”

Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!
The Dropper Stopper is perfect for lovies too!


  • The stretchy and adjustable strap attaches to all kinds of high chairs, strollers, baby chairs, car seats and more.
  • Very fashionable with 14+ patterns. There’s something to match everyone’s style! (Bonus: Matching Binki Bands and Tushy Tote’s are also available!)
  • Prevents items from hitting germy floors. (Which saves time from having to wash them every time. And stops the “pick up” game).
  • One end features a stretchy grip material that holds onto items more securely. Great for bottles and cups!
  • Opposite end has 3 different snaps to adjust the length. Perfect for smaller items like toys.
  • Safety tested.
  • Machine Washable.
Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!
Fun patterns and non-slip grip material to hold onto items extra tight!


Whether we are going to the zoo, out for a walk or traveling abroad for a month, we always pack these straps with us! They are so versatile which makes them great for infants and young children alike. We have used these on small and wide water bottles, stuffed animals and snack containers. If you have kids you’ll love The Dropper Stopper!

Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!
Water bottles are always easily accessible with The Dropper Stopper! The photograph was taken in London. If you look in the background, you’ll see The London Eye and The Big Ben Clock Tower


  • It’s made with a stretchy/non-slip material to grip tightly to cups and bottles VS velcro like the second brand of straps we used, before finding The Dropper Stopper. We actually lost our son’s (1 year old at the time) water bottle at Disney World in 2015 because he was able to easily pull the velcro off. I am a happy Mama to report we just got back home from a month long trip cruising/exploring Europe. And both of the kids bottles and Alexander’s monkey (his favorite stuffed animal that he insisted explore London with us(pictured above)) also made it home thanks to our Dropper Stoppers!
  • The straps are stretchy which keep items close but also allows them to reach a little farther without having to unsnap the strap from car seat, stroller etc.
  • Love all the fun fabric choices they come in!
  • High quality and durable. I pulled and stretched these and couldn’t ruin them, (neither could my kids who put them to the test while we were gone a month on vacation).
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!
Dropper Stopper Tip: Secure strap to cups and bottles with the strap going towards the top of the item to keep it upright. Opposite of how it’s shown above.


Absolutely! We tried two other brands before finding The Dropper Stopper and this one beats the others immensely! Like I mentioned above, we lost a bottle before with another brand… not a good experience with a product that is supposed to help prevent this sort of thing.  If you are a parent or caregiver for an infant or small child and you want to put an end to the pickup game, want to keep bottles and cups clean, keep those special toys/stuffed animals close by etc, then this is the product you need! It’s perfect for all sorts of things you want to keep a “leash” on.



Overall we are very satisfied with The Dropper Stopper! I do not have anything negative to say about this product. We love it and will continue to use it very frequently. This makes a great, durable and inexpensive but very practical gift for any parent! Thanks for checking out this review! If you want to learn more or if you’re ready to purchase your own Dropper Stopper(s) then click here to see it on Amazon. Stay tuned for a review on another Sister Chic product, The Tushy Tote!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on IG at @pnw.mama.bear to see us using The Dropper Stopper on our recent trip around Europe/Cruising!

Keep Cups & Toys Clean & Close - A Dropper Stopper Review! By PNW Mama Bear!




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