Part 2 – How to Keep Kids Safe on Vacation

Part 1 - How to Keep Kids Safe on Vacation by PNW Mama Bear

Welcome back! This is part 2 of How to Keep Kids Safe on Vacation! If you missed part 1 or want to read it again, click here to be taken there. Below are another 6+ ways to boost your families safety on vacation and at home…



We implement this at airports, malls, theme parks, literally everywhere. If someone wants to get to our kids, they have to go through us first. Plus it makes it harder for kids to wander off. For example, when we go through TSA I always go through first, followed by our kids then Michael. While walking around, our kids are always between us to help keep us together.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a child in public throwing a tantrum and unwilling walking with an adult. Lots of hands just went up! Now, have you ever noticed that and wondered why they are screaming and throwing a fit? I’m sure most of you will say something along the lines of “they’re just having a typical meltdown”. You need to change what your child says, to make other people think differently, pay attention and help. It’s as simple as teaching your child to scream “THIS IS NOT MY PARENT!” It relates to the same idea behind screaming “FIRE” vs “RAPE” for women. It gets people’s attentions!


This can work really well for older kids. If you’re at a beach, a great place to set as your meeting place is a life guard stand. Which not only gives you a place to look, but if your kid gets lost and ends up there, they can ask a life guard for help. Who deals with missing child all the time. No matter where you are at, choose an easy place everyone can find to regather.


In addition to their physical safety, their health safety is also very important! We always carry wet ones wipes or these with us to sanitize our areas like airplane/airport seats, trays and arm rests plus restaurant tables, hotel handles, light switches, tv remotes and whatever else we deem necessary. When it comes to water parks, hotel floors/showers and pool areas you will want to make sure everyone has at least a cheap pair of flip flops to wear. This will help avoid athletes foot and contact with other germs/infections. Ever since Faith developed a rash on the soles of her feet while staying at a hotel (it was a nice hotel, doesn’t matter where you are. Luckily it went away quickly), we’ve made it mandatory we all cover our feet.


Flying: Since turbulence can show up unexpectedly, you’ll want to fasten your children in FAA certified car seats while flying. By placing the car seat next to the window, it opens the aisle up for safety. Also if you do need to unbuckle your child, try to wait until the seat belt sign is off.
Rental Cars: For the safety of your child(re), never use car seats from rental car companies! You will never be able to verify if it’s safe or clean. For example, has it been properly cleaned and cared for? Been in any car accidents? Because no matter how little of a crash, The AAP recommends throwing them away immediately. Plus who knows if they will even have the correct one(s) available for you. Not to mention, from my experience, all the car seats I have seen look gross, old/outdated and lack important safety features. They are as bare as car seats come. NOT anything I would ever dream of putting my little humans in! Just because you’re on vacation, does not mean safety is on vacation too.

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Check for Dangers: I recommend traveling with some of these to protect little ones from the dangers of being electrocuted. Also check furniture to be aware if anything is wobbly. You don’t want your baby to be the one to find out something is light and pull it on themselves. Also check for sharp objects/corners, look under beds for hidden dangers and tie curtain cords up high so children can not reach.


Now that you’ve armed yourself with some extra safety knowledge, you can prepare your family for a safe vacation! P.S. If you’re flying for your upcoming vacation, you’ll definitely want to read Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers next!

Part 1 - How to Keep Kids Safe on Vacation by PNW Mama Bear




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